Friday, October 22, 2010

cardi party!

So my favorite all accessory for fall--the cardigan. Sexy style. Not frumpy style ala Mr. Rogers. The great thing about a cardi is that it can be paired with almost anything. For example, want to look hip and sassy? Mix your cardi with a graphic T and some fantastic high boots. What that sophisticated business look? Pull your cardi in with a thin belt and some sequin bling underneath. Feel like staying in for the night? Just throw on your sweat pants, add a cardi, and r e l a x. What's that? You have an invitation to go out? No problem! Switch your sweat pants for jeans, add a scarf and wa-LA! Fashionista. The cardigan. Who knew it would be so much fun.

Monday, October 18, 2010

watching time.

This weekend my son said something very interesting. He said that with all this technology everything is always so 'new'. How true. When I was a kid, we had very little upgrades. We made due with what we had and rarely had something brand spankin new. When we did it was usually a much needed appliance. And I am talking just one appliance here. Never would my mom or dad buy MATCHING appliances just for the cool factor! I do remember this one big occasions of newness--- the time we got our new gas range. It has the coolest clock on it that clicked over every single minute! It was mind boggling to us. We all sad around the lemon orange colored stove watching the numbers fall each time a minute ticked away. I bet we sat there a full hour. It just never got old. My dad finally came and asked us if we had anything better to do that watch the time. That gas stove was part of all my memories of breakfasts, dinners, baking, and clock watching. Sometimes I wonder what items kids these days will look back on with fondness of novelty and remember from their childhood. Somehow, memories of the past are always linked to things that were with us the longest.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

in honor of the boss.

Today the world watches as 33 miners are each pulled to safety from 70 days of darkness. They argued over not who would reach freedom first, but rather, who would be the last to go up the 2,067 foot shaft. The reporters have confirmed that the last man up will indeed be the boss. The foreman of the group. The leader that gave them hope from that very first dark moment. Yes. This man, who has every right to be the first, will be going up last. 22 hours after his crew is safe he will ascend into bright lights, hugs, and happiness.

Happy Bosses Week, to mine, to theirs... to all of the great men and women who step up and lead.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


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