Thursday, October 20, 2011

critical advice

I am getting ready to have a few people whom I trust, and who are writers themselves, read the first ten chapters of my book. Or, if they are not hooked, maybe they will not read past chapter 1, and that is OK too. This is the phase of writing that really scares me, putting it all out there and possibly having people not like it at all. If it were fiction I could just change the characters, but because it is a slice of my life, the strategy will have to be different if the majority of the panel does not like the book. But, it I don't go through this painful step then how will I ever know if I have a chance at getting published? And that after all is the goal.

Monday, October 10, 2011

writing a book...

Each night I write after the kids go to bed. Lately it is all I am thinking about. I wish I could stay up for hours on end without sleep! For now though, I look forward to the weekends where I have a block of time that I can get the words out of my head and on the page. This weekend I printed out chapter 6, one of the ones I have been working on editing. Hayden, my 12 year old son, found the copy and read it. He said, "Mom! This is really good!!" Ahhhh sooo so so so so happy to have his opinion. He is the first one to have read any of it, and it meant a lot that he was moved and wanted to read more. Next step is to finish going through the first ten chapters, making changes and adding more dialog, then having a few people read it to see if it is interesting enough to keep them hooked.