Sunday, May 29, 2011

every sunday. and the six days in-between.

May is the month I lost my Grandpa, a day I will never forget. All of us cousins were there, in the final minutes as he left.

And the room fell quiet.

But not the kind of quiet that makes you uncomfortable --wishing someone would talk and break the silence. No, a different kind of quiet. The kind of quiet that invites angels into a room, for a brief moment.

And May is the month I lost my dear Gram. And she had her own angels gathering her up and taking her home, when she passed all alone.

Still, each Sunday,like clockwork, I miss them both. Sunday was the day when we would all get together at their house, for a dose of BS and our only bowl of sugar cereal for the week. And I am not sure which I looked forward to most.

So tomorrow, I will go put flowers on their graves. And I will be still for a moment. And quiet. And hope that two special angels peak through from above and know that I still miss them...every Sunday...and the six days in-between.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

room in my heart.

Eleven years ago when Hayden was a baby, there was this moment, sitting all together in our tiny first home, when my husband said to me, "I don't know how we can possibly love another child as much as we love our little boy."

He had bright blue eyes, huge cheeks that dimpled when he smiled, and a perfect part on his blond hair. I may never forget that day. When it seemed, there could only be room in my heart for one, sweet, little boy.

But motherhood, and love, well -- they are both flexible. They bend, they stretch, and somehow, the room you thought was never there -- ends up being there all along.

If you get lucky to meet a second or a third ...your heart will grown...again and again.

And when you meet that new little person, you will say, "I have loved you all along."

Monday, May 2, 2011

finding peace.

Today, there is peace for many Americans. A game of hide and seek has come to a final, miserable conclusion for one who continually led acts of violence. A fearless team of U.S. Soldiers, along with the intelligence of our fine CIA, are to thank on many levels.