Thursday, November 4, 2010

love notes.

My Emma leaves such wonderful, sweet little love notes all over the house. Under my pillow. On my mirror. Covering a shoe box. On my door. Under my door. All of these little words, written by little hands. However, today, the little note was not for me. It was for an eight year old boy I will call "Tate". There was a nice white envelope on the kitchen counter, and on it was written, "TATE, otherwise known as TATORTOT", "I Love you", "I have a giant crush on you", "From, Emma". So, the girl who writes notes, had to do a little bit of scribbling this morning when I told her that "I love you's" should be saved, but crushes...well...go ahead and tell him. But, I warned her, if you really want to get the boys nothing at all.

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