Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the mystery of the mailman.

Mail carriers. UPS men. FedEx chics. They are all cut from the same cloth. Aloof, mysterious, and focused. Out here in the country our mail is delivered before the sun comes up. Practically anyway. All I know is that, it is always in there, waiting for me to go get it.

Once I heard a knock at my door, and before I could get down the stairs to answer it, all I saw was a trail of dust and the UPS truck pulling out of my driveway.

Last month though, I had a breakthrough. The UPS man stopped to pick up my Old Gringo boots, per Old Gringo's request, so that they could be repaired. AND...I was not quite ready with the boots in the box and all of that. There were about six VERY awkward seconds as I tried super duper fast to put the boots in the box, and then, something strange happened. The UPS man spoke. And he said very dryly, "Those are nice boots. I think I will take them home to my wife instead of sending them back to Old Gringo." And then I knew. The mystery was gone. And just like that, he was just like the rest of us.

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