Friday, November 11, 2011

luckiest day in 100 years.

Today, my favorite day in 100 years, I think about all the wishes I have made, living below the beautiful Ben Lomond Peak, and now behind her against Willard Peak I make wishes for my kids. Last month we hiked to the top of Old Ben. And I felt this tangible thrill, my goodness, I have waited so long to stand on top of her Peak, and look at the vast valley below. I pushed ahead of the group, and make it to the top first, and took a minute with just me and that lucky mountain. The one that protected me from the wind, caught my white bees in the winter, and colored the landscape in the fall. Standing on top of the mountain, I realized the triple vantage point of my hometown, my college town, and where I now call home. And then I looked up, to the massive sky above, and saw another vantage point, the one that God has over all of us, and knew, on that day, and today, the luckiest day in 100 years, that I was blessed and watched over.

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