Thursday, February 9, 2012


My daughter Emma came to me complaining of a headache two nights ago. The next day it was still just as strong, with no relief in sight. Then her head started to get hot with a fever. By evening she seemed to be getting worse, not better, despite me doing all I knew how to do. So, I paged the doctor. He called back soon after, and said I should take her to the emergency room right away. Kory and Emma headed to the hospital, Emma in tears and scared beyond belief.  I stayed at home with the other two kids and waited for the report. I think as time goes on being a mother the more I fear the worst when illness strikes. And in my mind she already had meningitis. I was certain. She had a headache, neck pain, and a fever. All classic signs. The house was so quiet without her, and I was surprised how much I missed her crazy personality. My mind started to wander to all the reasons why I love her, even though, she is easily the hardest of my kids for me to understand. She would rather run like a horse than walk, wear dirty scrubby clothes than cute outfits, eat cereal instead of dinner, and bark like a dog instead of talk. But, my goodness I love her, and I would be crushed if anything happened to her. I stayed awake waiting for Kory to call, and he did, but on the other end was a very happy 9 year old. "Hey Mom! I am drinking Sprite! I am OK, they are just checking me out, but they think I am going to be fine and they said I don't have meningitis. They took a swab of my mouth and we are just waiting for the test. Oh and they gave me some yucky Tylenol."
Soon after, she was back at home, and my mind had reset to normal. But the wandering journey of what could have been made me appreciate what already is.

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  1. What a scare, Aim! first of all, I thought it was pretty cool that you actually got in touch with your Dr. and he told you what to do. What a good Dr.! I loved how you started to miss Emma and all of her crazy antics. Life would be so quiet, like you said, without her! I think that all the time with Isaac! It made me laugh what you said about the things Emma does--"would rather eat cereal than dinner and bark like a dog." But, what a relief to know she was alright! It's these kinds of moments that really put us in perspective for how much we truly LOVE our kids. At least it does for me.