Friday, May 11, 2012

shedding the thin skin

I have been completely sucked into the work of finding an agent for my book, "White Bees." The process is daunting, and part of me wants to put the book I have spent the better part of a year writing, in my nightstand, safe and sound. If I don't share the struggles I have been through that are written in the 80,000 words of my book with agents --  then they can't reject my book, my inner thoughts, one of my greatest accomplishments. Right? No wonder so many people get to this stage of the writing process and decide to give up. But, I made a promise to myself a year ago to complete this goal -- all the way. Not to stop when the writing was done, but to keep going until my goal of getting "White Bees" published became a reality. With the editing process done (thank you Katie Carter!) I will shed my thin skin, and starting June 1st gear up for sending out queries. Wish me lots of luck! I am going to need it.


  1. Best wishes to you - it will all work out! You're a star waiting to be found, Amy!

  2. Aim,
    Mom and I were talking last night and she says she would love to hear us kids talk more about our childhood so she knows all the hard work as a Mom was remembered! And we both agreed that with your book coming into focus for everyone--we'll all be bringing up more memories and reminicing! Thank you for that!!! Your book is totally going to benefit all of us! But, I absolutely wish you the BEST OF LUCK as you gear up for June 1st!
    Love ya

  3. So glad we connected through Twitter, Amy. Best of luck to you. Do not give up! If you won't, I won't!!