Saturday, January 15, 2011

it all comes back to ABBA.

Today I get to clean the house with just me and the baby. Everyone else went ice fishing. So, I put on the music that really only I love (and now the baby), and of course it has to be ABBA. As I am scrubbing toilets and washing dishes I realize that somewhere in all of those lyrics is my life. And I like it. Take a Chance on Me cause I Have a Dream, I am the Dancing Driveway Queen, My Love My Life, right here at home. Just trying to find out who I am. Some days you have to Move On, and some days you have to worry about Money Money Money, and some days my 'mind is an open window'. I once thought that the Winner Takes it All...and I was on the opposite end...but now, I Wonder, On and On and ON all day long, about Me and I...and When All is Said and Done, I know that the winner is right here.

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