Thursday, April 7, 2011

100 different lives.

If I had 100 lives, I would live in a high rise loft in New York, paint all day by the sea in La Jolla, surf the hours away at Half Moon Bay, do yoga at the waters edge in Lanzarote, and dance in the streets of Greece. I would put my roots down in Kaycee WY, wear my Old Gringo boots all day long, and learn to play the guitar again. I would get my pilots license and see the Grand Canyon by air. Then spend years trying to find Everett Ruess. I would have a radio show about relationships co-hosted with my friend Brad. Go to every Cubs game. Bake like Betty all day long, and take my gifts to my bestest friends, both old and young. If I had 100 lives I would master five languages. Climb Everest. And become a ballerina.

Sometimes, it just doesn't seem fair. That we only get to experience one slice of life. I would like to live 100 different lives and see faces I have not seen, go to places I have not been. Feel things I have not felt, and love those I have never met. But this one pretty good too.

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