Monday, April 4, 2011

one hour.

Years ago my friend Rebecca told me that when she finally got the chance to be a mother she would do things different from what her friends do. For starters, she would spend more quality time with her kids. She said, "Each day I will spend one hour doing exactly what they want to do, and nothing else." That conversation happened over ten years ago. I don't know what happened to Rebecca, or if she ended up having kids, but I do think about her advice quite often. When I carve out dedicated time to just be with my kids, and not try and multi-task, or process my day at the same time, or answer back texts, then I see a real light come on with my kids...and we connect. In ten more years, the two older kids will be in college. And I won't have the chance to so easily influence them. So, an hour a day? Sure. I can give that.

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